Making Work A Better Place

Unlock actionable insight into what really matters,
encourage inspirational leadership, and drive team growth



Foster a healthy culture where everybody performs their best

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Invest into the human element of your organization

DOBE develops science-backed psychometric games to help you assess employee well-being, soft skills, and leadership traits that point towards your team’s biggest development opportunities.

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Key metrics to guide you in making decisions that feel right

Receive tailored reports and recommendations that help managers take timely action and protect their teams from conflict and burnout.

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Our Approach


Well-being and Productivity

Promote a work environment where everybody feels great and performs their best.

Systemic Growth

Leverage the latest trends in organizational psychology to drive change across all levels of your company.

Game-based assessment

Reimagine validated psychometric tools as engaging adventures.


Support your employees no matter the physical distance.

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Build your ✨ dream team with DOBE 🙌